Having a well filled Pantry full of delicious Artisan Ingredients is always a must!

Below are some of our recommended brands which are available to purchase via the GFKC!

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Unglu-d is an Irish Gluten Free Food Brand set up by Aileen Markey in 2017!

Aileen launched these handy sized sauces that you can easily carry in your bag for convenience when eating out or enjoying at home.

These sauces are "Free From" all 14 EU listed allergens!

Chilli Sauce 100ml       €3.50

Tomato Sauce 100ml   €3.50


Spoonful Botanical is an innovative blend of the highest quality Spices (Turmeric, Ginger,
Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Cayenne, Cardamom), Herbs (Chamomile, Fennel, Rosemary, Juniper, Parsley, Nutmeg, Oregano) and Fermented Fruits (Golden Raisins) homemade by Conor & Jayne in Co. Louth. Spoonful is a unique product in that it combines high quality food based exotic ingredients which have renowned properties to combat inflammation and can be taken on a daily basis to ensure optimum health.

Spoonful Botanics is an Irish Artisan Food Brand created by Conor & Jayne. It stemmed from travelling across Asia where they saw how the locals used fresh herbs and spices to help combat inflammation in the body.

€30 per Jar

30 Day Supply!

Spoonful Botanical

Rivesci Condements

Co-Founders Shannon Forrest and Michelin Star trained Chef, Declan Malone felt that opening a food truck in the off-peak season might be a little mad but it didn’t stop them. After spending many months researching and working on their menu offering they found there was a huge appetite for what they wanted to do. Successfully trading at Savour Kilkenny, Applefest Abbeyleix, Ballymaloe and Dunbrody House, Rívesci wished to set up a more permanent basis in Clonmel, and up until mid March 2020 traded at the Quay Car Park and Clonmel Farmer’s Market every week. During the COVID-19 lockdown Rívesci pivoted their business to become full time condiment makers!

Cashew Chilli Crush    €

Red Onion Marmalade €

Forever Living 2

Forever Living Products

Grown in hot climates around the world, the aloe plant is renowned by society for its luscious leaves and tropical appearance, with many choosing to decorate their homes with this plant. However, there is far more to this decorative plant than simply its impressive aesthetics, for within the large verdant leaves of the aloe plant lies the miraculous aloe vera.

A cool and calming gel like substance, aloe vera is a naturally occurring medicinal property.

Becoming increasingly popular within both the beauty and health industries, aloe vera is a sought after item in which many value and utilise for both its healing and beautifying properties.

In 2015 Doireann Barrett began drinking aloe vera to help maintain a strong immune system and shortly after became a brand ambassador and franchisee of the products.

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This product is available for local, national and global delivery. Brand ambassador/ franchise opportunities also available!

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