The Gluten Free Kitchen Company was created by Doireann Barrett in 2011 as a Market Stall & has grown into a Multi Award Winning Food & Wellness Brand catering for the Healthier Lifestyler.
“I believe in a Lifestyle that is Inclusive, Enjoyable & Stress-free! It is my mission to share my findings through offering a service that caters for the needs of the Healthier Lifestyle, by nourishing our Mind, Body & Soul!”

Clean Living – Mind, Body & Soul

Living Your Best Life is about finding a balance between your Mind, Body & Soul.
I believe we can all live a healthier lifestyle & learn to heal our own bodies through Self Care and how we treat ourselves.
Over the Years I have researched the best Quality Products that I use and can recommend in my daily lifestyle.
Through Delicious Food Options, Vitamins, Food Supplements even Skincare & Hygiene Products and Essential Oils, let The Gluten Free Kitchen Company be a part of your Lifestyle.
The Gluten Free Kitchen Company recommend a wide range of Clean Living Wellness Products which are suitable for Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian and Health Conscious Lifestylers!
Enjoy your online shopping experience, where you can purchase directly from the following Well-being Retail Brands doTerra , Modere , Forever Living & Juice Plus+ as well as my range of “Made to Order” Food Products which are featured below or contact us directly for more information!

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"I can't Believe it's Gluten Free!"

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