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CneasÚ Holistic Healing Hub.


CneasÚ (Kna 'Su) means Healing in the Irish Language

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CneasÚ is a Holistic Wellness Hub created by The Gluten Free Kitchen Company Food & Wellness Brand.

I am Doireann Barrett  and I set up cneasÚ in 2021 as part of The Gluten Free Kitchen Company Community to create a hub where we can build a community who are adapting or living their lives with chronic health conditions.

After a lifetime of difficult health symptoms since birth, I was finally diagnosed in 2004 at the age of 25 with Coeliac Disease which is a condition where your immune system attacks your own tissues when you eat the protein gluten or the grains wheat, rye, barley and for many Coeliacs, Oats (even the Gluten Free ones). This damages your gut (small intestine) so your body cannot properly take in nutrients. Coeliac disease can cause a range of 300 symptoms.

12 months later in 2005, I was then diagnosed with Stage 4 Endometriosis which is a Chronic Systemic Inflammatory Disease which can cause serious adverse health conditions where cells (endometriotic) are found throughout the body, found most frequently in the pelvis affecting the pelvic structures, ovaries, bowel, bladder, ureters (tubes from kidney to bladder). These cells can also be found in the diaphragm, lung, pericardium ( sac surrounding your heart), skin & brain. Endometriosis is a common condition and is found in 1 in 9 female born women.

My Endometriosis symptoms began as early as 11 years old where I lived with incredibly debilitating symptoms and no medical professional linked my symptoms to Endometriosis or Coeliac Disease until after I had my first child at the age of 23 and my immune system began to crash so severely.

I researched my severe symptoms, I was 25 & 26 when I finally got a medical diagnosis of Coeliac Disease and then Stage 4 Endo and continued to struggle to access any appropriate care & struggled to access appropriate Endometriosis treatment for another 18 years post diagnosis after 14 years of symptoms to even find a formal diagnosis.

I know only too well the difficulties of living with difficult physical conditions which lead me to set up The Gluten Free Kitchen Company in 2011.

In 2012 I introduced the Wellness Services and 2015 created a social media platform dedicated to my experiences living with Endometriosis to meet new people who were travelling similar paths.

I began growing a community online & offline to further support our emotional needs through creating platforms where we can meet others navigating similar journeys.

I have had 6 organs removed since 2016 and found it very difficult to find emotional support for our Endometriosis struggles so saw an opportunity to further focus on the Cneasú Community.

I am trained in Holistic Wellness Practices and CneasÚ was born out of 30 years of learning from indigenous tribal rituals, holistic therapies and sharing with this community a range of lifestyle tips I use to help benefit life living with my health conditions.

In June 2023 I won a Community Achievement Award in the Irish Women's Awards in Dublin for my community work.

I am currently studying for my Diploma in Psychology & Mental Health and working with people who have experienced trauma through Chronic Illness, Addiction and Loss by hosting events where we can gather and hold space for where we are on our healing journey!

Throughout the Year we will be running Workshops, Retreats & Events where we will gather for Yoga, Sound Therapy, Holistic Treatments and make new friendships and sharing our experiences with likeminded tribes!

For Monthly Casual Meet Ups & Support click here!

Upcoming Events:

Event: Cneasú Monthly Meet Up

Venue: Maddens, Milk Market Lane, (Tralee, Co. Kerry)

Date: Saturday April 2024 - Date to be confirmed

Time: 11am to 12pm

*Cost: There is no cost to attend Monthly Meet Ups, All Welcome. Registration is required to attend. Register through Eventbrite HERE!

More Info here!


Upcoming Monthly Women's Circles :-

Cneasú Women's Circle

Date to be confirmed

Venue:- To Be Confirmed, Tralee, Co. Kerry (Ire)

The Cneasú Women's Circle is a safe space to come together in circle for guided gentle breathwork, meditation and talk therapy, it is a space where you will be joined by other amazing women in the community who are navigating life and looking for some time out and a place to hold space and where worries can be released.

Price to be confirmed.

Upcoming Retreats :-

Cneasú Samhain Retreat - October 2024

Date to be confirmed

Venue:- Ballygarry Estate & Spa, Leebrook, Tralee, Co. Kerry (Ire)

The Cneasú Samhain Retreat will be a One Day event comprising of Forest Bathing in Ballyseedy Woods, light lunch, Spa Afternoon, Sound Bath Therapy in The Lodge followed by Dinner in Restaurant 58.

This Retreat can be a one day package &/or accommodation package.

Price to be confirmed.

Cneasú Endometriosis Awareness Retreat - March 2025

Date to be Confirmed

Venue: Ballygarry Estate & Spa, Leebrook, Tralee, Co. Kerry (Ire)

In March 2024 we hosted Irelands first Endometriosis Awareness Month Retreat in Ireland dedicated to Women Living with Endometriosis, PCOS, Adenomyosis, Surgical induced Menopause & other Women's Health Related conditions.

All Welcome. Registration is required to attend. Register through Eventbrite HERE!

More Info here!

Retreat Sponsorship Packages

If you are a Business or Individual who would like to be involved in contributing or collaborating in our Awareness Events please get in touch!

Cneasú at The Gluten Free Kitchen Company also stock a large range of Vitamins, Supplements, Sprays, Aloe Vera Drinks, Collagen, Terpenes, Skin Care Products available to purchase.

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Books | Research Information | Interviews

On this page you will find some information through Resources & literature related to Endometriosis & Coeliac Disease and the research I find helpful to learn more about my health, tips and information on how to manage my symptoms living with Chronic Illness to help enjoy life!

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