= Suitable for vegetarians = Suitable for vegans

Award winning Farmhouse Brown Seeded Bread

  • Contains Sesame Seeds, Dairy, Soya
2lb loaf 4.80

White Bread with Poppy Seeds

  • Contains Dairy, Soya, Egg
2lb loaf 4.80

Sundried Tomato Bread

  • Contains Dairy, Soya, Egg.
2lb loaf 5.40

Pesto Bread

  • Contains Dairy, Soya, Egg, Nuts, garlic
2lb loaf 5.40

Olive Bread

  • Contains Dairy, Soya, Egg
2lb loaf 5.40

Sage & Onion Fresh Stuffing

  • Contains egg, Dairy, Soya.
500g 4.50

Scones (Plain, Fruit or Brown) min order of 6/12 etc

  • Contains Dairy, Eggs, Sugar, Soya
Per scone (min order of 6/12 etc) 2.00
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